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Besides the obvious reasons, such as often the need for 24’-32’ ladders and the other equipment necessary to clean high windows of your home, cleaning your windows is often a bigger job than people first expect. Many windows often have multiple panes and need to be taken apart being sure all sides get cleaned and not only the most easily accessible sides.  It can also be a tedious job that leaves you frustrated and tired. There are also windows that some people forget about such as skylights or low basement windows. Our team walks around your property and will be sure to include all of the windows of your home (skylights must be specified).

We rise above the competition in this area as we clean all windows, sills and ledges (a service not done by most other companies). Especially for exterior windows this is imperative or at the next rainfall the dirt will bounce back onto your newly cleaned windows.

We use only the best equipment for a job and when a window is too small to be done with a squeegee it will be hand washed and dried to perfection. We will also be sure to let you know if we come across anything you need to be made aware of: cement or paint on windows that would require hand scraping, screens that need to be removed from the inside of the home, or anything that we might think you as a valued customer should know. We are also happy to remove or put up storm windows and would be pleased to wipe down screens upon request.


High eaves and steep roof slopes often make cleaning your eaves a daunting task.  Sometimes this will get neglected causing damage to your eavestroughs and downspouts resulting in thousands of dollars in replacement costs at a later date.

We at T-Rex Window and Eaves Cleaning Ltd. are more than happy to take care of your valued property by cleaning your eaves for you by our trained, experienced and professional staff who have been trained not only in the services they provide, also in the appropriate safety training we require our staff to take.

While many other companies use a pressure washer or high-powered water to clean your eaves, we clean all of your eaves by hand to be sure not to damage any of your property and to make sure all debris and shingle dust is removed. We also check your downspouts to see if there are any blockages. If they are blocked we will flush them out and if this doesn’t remedy the problem we will disassemble the downspout at the elbows and reassemble upon completion.

We also will let you, our valued customer know if we see anything that you should be concerned about: a leak, bad eavestrough angles, spikes or brackets that have been dislodged, or eavestroughing that needs replacing.


Our staff would be more than happy to take care of any eavestrough replacement or repair that you might need, being sure to match the colour of your current eavestrough.

We also want to be sure to give you the most honest information and the most cost-effective way of repair. We will be sure to give you the various options you have for a repair whether it be caulking or replacing a section of eavestrough. We will explain the pros and cons of each option giving  you the opportunity to choose what is best for you at that time.

We are also happy to install meshing to cover your eaves, or leaf strainers in your downspouts to prevent future blockages.